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About Me!

Natalia Carrasco Zerga has a lifelong love of music. She was born into a family of musicians, in the northwest coast of Perú, in Trujillo. It was easy for her to fall in love with singing, and she began performing as a young girl in school. Natalia continued her musical ventures when she came to the United States at the age of 19, and was chosen to perform along with different Latin bands in the Washington DC area. With her lively and engaging singing and dance moves, she has lovingly become a local favorite. Her performances show versatility, including genres from pop to rock and romantic ballads. Natalia has had the honor of singing for numerous groups, including Latino Festivals, weddings, restaurants, special events at the Annapolis City Dock, dance clubs, the International Women’s Day celebration, and Día de Los Muertos Events. The latter, earned her recognition from the Annapolis City Hall. Her musical traditions are carried on as she teaches children in the Marshals Learning Center Choir. Not only do they enjoy the lessons and camaraderie, but Natalia helps them to instill a special pride in the beautiful heritage of Latino music. Natalia resides with her husband and three beautiful girls in Annapolis.


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